Juice Harbor is a small organic juice bar located inside Sag Harbor Gym. We specialize in smoothies, protein shakes, juices, and acai bowls, featuring many supplements such as Preworkouts, Creatine, and BCAAs and multi vitamins . We also sell a variety of protein bars and other foods & drinks to assist with maintaining health, fitness, and making gains at the gym. We source our ingredients from the highest quality sources possible.
Open Monday to Friday from 7am-3pm and 5pm-9.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 7am-7pm.


Rise & Shine Smoothie  $8.95
Kale, granola, banana, almond milk and dates.

Turmeric Mango Smoothie  $9.95
Mango, turmeric, ginger, lime, pineapple, cayenne and orange juice.

Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie  $9.95
Cacao nibs, banana, almond milk, dates, cacao powder and peanut butter.

Liquid Lunch Smoothie  $9.95
Kale, honey, hemp milk, banana, raisins, almond, milk.

Blueberry Bliss Smoothie  $8.95
Blueberry, banana, almond, milk and hemp seeds.

Bee Power Smoothie  $10.95
Banana, almond butter, dates, coconut, maca, raw cacao, bee pollen, royal jelly and almond milk.

King Kale Smoothie  $8.95
Kale, mango, pineapple, coconut water and orange juice.

Matcha Mint Frappe Smoothie  $8.95
Matcha green tea, mint, almond milk, coconut water, cashew, vanilla, and maple syrup.

Tropical Greens Smoothie  $8.95
Ginger, apple, kale, spinach, banana and orange juice.

Acai Superfoods Smoothie  $9.95
Acai, maqui mix, banana, almond milk.

Super Greens Smoothie  $9.95
Super greens, mix, banana, hemp milk.


Berry Bowl  $9.99
Acai, banana, strawberry and apple juice. Topped with banana, strawberries, goji, granola and honey. Your choice of vegetable and whey protein.

Tropical Bowl  $9.99
Acai, banana, mango, pineapple, coconut milk, topped with banana, strawberries, coconut, blueberries and granola. Your choice of vegetable and whey protein.

Power Bowl  $9.99
Acai, banana, honey, peanut butter, hemp milk, topped with banana, hemp seeds, granola and honey. Your choice of vegetable and whey protein.

Green Bowl  $9.99
Acai, banana, kale, spinach, lime, ginger and apple juice, topped with strawberries, blueberries, granola and honey. Your choice of vegetable and whey protein.


Ginger Shot  $2.95

Turmeric Shot  $3.95

Wheatgrass Shot  $4.95

E3Live Shot  $2.95

Turmeric Cherry Shot  $3.95

"Immunity" Shot  $4.95
Lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne and honey.

"The Olympian" Shot  $7.95
E3Live, wheatgrass, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, lemon.



Vanilla Protein Shake  $8.95
Banana, van protein, almond milk.

Chocolate Protein Shake  $8.95
Banana, almond milk, cacao chocolate protein powder.

Strawberry Protein Shake  $8.95
Strawberry, banana, hemp milk.

Coffee Protein Shake  $8.95
Cold brew coffee, banana, almond milk.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Shake  $8.95
Peanut butter, banana, almond milk, cacao, chocolate protein powder.

Cookies & Cream  $8.95
Banana, hemp milk, cacao nibs, cookies and cream whey protein.


Green Up Juice  $6.95
Kale, apple, parsley, cucumber, lemon, chard.

Tropical Island Juice  $6.95
Pineapple, apple, ginger, orange, mint.

Hydrate Juice  $6.95
Coco water, dandelion, celery, apple, orange.

Good Morning! Juice  $6.95
Cayenne, grapefruit, celery, apple, orange.

Alkaline Your Body Juice  $6.95
Pineapple, apple, cucumber, celery.

Wake Up Juice  $6.95
Lemon, ginger, beet, carrot, orange.

Glow Juice  $6.95
Spinach, parsley, carrot, apple, cucumber.

Green Monster Juice  $6.95
Kale, spinach, lemon, celery, parsley, cucumber, chard.

Detox Me Juice  $6.95
Lemon, ginger, turmeric, orange.

Dandelion Delight Juice  $6.95
Lemon, ginger, dandelion, apple, cucumber.


Whey Protein  $1.50

Whey Protein  $1.50

Pea Protein  $1.50

Egg White Protein  $1.50

Preworkout  $1.50

Veggies  $1.00

Hemp Protein  $1.50

Rice Protein  $1.50

BCAA  $1.50

Fruits  $1.00


Coffee  $1.95  &  $2.95

Tea  $1.95  &  $2.95

Cold Brew  $4.95

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